Founded in 1989, CWA Mechanical Process is a subsidiary of Allen General Contractor (Allen Entrepreneur général) servicing the municipal and industrial sectors. Whether it is for a turnkey project, or specialized and specific mandates, we build and install interception and pump systems, biological and physico-chemical treatment and membrane filtration systems for potable water treatment, wastewater treatment and industrial wastes. 


We also offer maintenance and repair services as well as facility operations. Our success is based on our experience and our proven technical expertise, our versatility and the care we take when listening to our clients.  We seek out the best partners based on the quality of their work and the synergy of their services with those of CWA.


As Allen General Contractor, our parent company, we strive for the quality of the environment, respect for the importance of health and safety in the workplace for all workers, and the commitment of our staff to accomplish the highest industry standards. 


RBQ License: 2427-6784-61 

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  • RBQ LICENSE: 2427-6784-61
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